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Ko Hyojoo|コ・ヒョジュ

  • ELLE Issue
    5か月 ago by hyo_joo ELLE Issue 10  #Burberry   #ELLE  #버버리 #트렌치코트 #롱보드 #고효주  #hyojooko   #elle   #kohyojoo   @hyojooslife 
  • Last Autu
    3か月 ago by hyo_joo [Last Autumn in LA] I reached this spot only for a few photos which I really wanted to take! ❓Could
  • I am back
    1か月 ago by hyo_joo I am back in a long time. I have happy time with longboard and roller-skate sometimes. But it’s stil

  • 2週間 ago by hyojooslife 좋은사람들과 좋은시간 가지고왔어요! 오랜만에 머리도 말고 원피스도 입고 A great time with nice people!  #hyojooslife   #hyojooko   #hyo_j 
  • Whole day
    3か月 ago by hyojooslife Whole day in Disney Land Japan with Kim-taku san and child 김덕후 가이드와 함께한 일본 디즈니랜드 투어!  #disneyland   #ja 
  • I actually
    1か月 ago by hyojooslife I actually prefer to spend time alone Give me liberty to live alone 설에는 카페에서 시간죽이기 혼자 살수있는 자유를 달라..!
  • Just befo
    1か月 ago by hyojooslife [Just before take a shower] Just before I remove make-up, I look the prettiest during the day lol So
  • Trying a n
    2か月 ago by hyojooslife Trying a new style! I’ve never tried this kind of hat before..But it looks not that bad I think Boug
  • mbn
    1か月 ago by hyojooslife [mbn 비행소녀 12th Feb] 지민언니와 EXID 하니, 혜린씨와 함께했던 재밌었던시간xD 너무너무 유쾌한 언니,동생들이라 조금 덜 긴장하고 촬영할 수 있었던것 같아요 날풀리
  • Dumbo LM
    2か月 ago by hyojooslife Dumbo L/M/S I got this cute things from Disney Land, Tokyo. Since I saw it at Anna’s house, I am loo
  •  201801
    2か月 ago by hyojooslife . [2018.01.25] GUCCI invited me to discover renovated store. It was -20 degree Celsius in Seoul thou
  • It makes m
    1週間 ago by hyojooslife It makes my bethroom fragrant✨ Sometimes I feel a sense of distance between my image which is shown
  • Love antiq
    1か月 ago by hyojooslife Love antique props The design of ysl beauty package fits well with antique props⚜️  #hyojooslife   #dis